Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tulip Tree - Liriodendron

Today in the park I got a wonderful present from my little companion - a flower from a Tulip Tree. Tulip Tree spread
It was very nice to let sun warm my back while I sketched this with my new little kit - here is an image of the process.
Tulip tree
Both images in this post have some notes - click to see them on Flickr.


  1. Great job with such small equipment. Pretty colors.

  2. Wonderful page...and truly tiny kit! It's amazing when you actually can reach a tulip tree flower....I usually see them up so high!

  3. This is just terrific, Nina! And looks like your new little kit works really well...

  4. When I see tulip trees in the spring I think ...Morel mushrooms!
    Beautiful drawings you have here!

  5. Oh I just love tulip trees! You've really nailed the colour of the blooms...that strange glowing green with the orange. I will have to go over to the big park and see if my tulip tree is in bloom too.

  6. thank you all for kind words and interest!

    I think either birds or squirrels are working on our tulip trees as there are quite a few brunches with flowers or even buds. I will keep my eyes up in the tree next time we go to that park to see who is the culprit! ;)

    The new kit is working out just great - it's extremely small and light and because of that it's always very near and very easy to hide behind my sketchbook if I am trying to draw privately ;) And Moleskine works with gouache SO MUCH BETTER than watercolors!

  7. I like the blue strokes on the leaf. Nice photo shot with the kit and subject and everything.

  8. Well done, Nina.

  9. What do you use for a mixing palette, Nina? That's my main problem with tiny kits, I like juicy washes!

    I haven't seen a tulip tree flower in years, but I recognize these instantly!

  10. Thanks again!

    Mixing palette is an issue... Right now I use side of the page/ another page etc. - and then write/paint over it. It works if you have a nice sturdy paper in your sketchbook but I destroyed a few pages this way already... I am thinking about making a tiny folding mixing tray but so far no luck in finding a good material. I will keep looking! :)

  11. I've tried using the paper, too, Nina--as you say, sometimes it works and sometimes it chews your paper! I looked for some sort of plastic that would wipe clean but had a tiny bit of surface texture, no real luck.

    Let me know if you find anything! Someone suggested I visit the high school shop class and have them MAKE me a tiny palette, maybe then paint it with refrigerator paint...?


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