Friday, June 5, 2020

A drawing commissioned for a bird lover turning 85. Three of his favourite birds are positioned around the number 85. The drawing was framed and small copies were used as invitation cards for his birthday celebration. 

I enjoyed the challenge of combining numbers with birds. The number 85 is suggested as wood and I positioned the birds in harmony with the shape of the number. Collared doves live mostly in trees, I therefore placed this bird higher up. Lapwings (left) and oyster catchers (right) are meadow birds. They are elegant birds and it is always a joy to spot them foraging or breeding in meadows.

Notice how the bill of the dove resembles the shape of number five flag. The lapwing on the left and the black-white oyster catcher both stand with their legs on both sides of the number, as if they hold the 85 in position. Both chests of the birds follow the curve of the number five and eight, in case of the lapwing, it takes over the curve of the eight. The dove stands proudly on number five.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer
at Etsy & @mindfuldrawing on Instagram

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