Friday, September 2, 2016

Birdwatching in Hamburg

           Hamburg is full of canals and parks, and the waterfowl and birds are very trusting. They make wonderful models, and they are a delight to watch.
           The immature herring gull perched for a long time in front of me, while a young girl was finishing her sandwich. They know to wait for their snacks!
           I had just bought of drawing pens, the ones I used here are Derwent Graphik. They are smooth and the colour is great-


  1. Nice sketches. Your comment about the gulls waiting for the little girl to finish her sandwich reminded me of some advice I once got. I wanted to sketch gulls. I was told to take a loaf of bread to the beach .... but don't start feeding. They'll watch and wait ... and stay for a long time.

  2. Right, Elva! I'll keep that in mind, I'd like to do it with pigeons.
    It's always a pleasure to publish here and read other posts, Kate.


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