Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hummingbird Migration--Vickie Henderson

This is the best time of year to watch hummingbirds!  Migration is in full swing in Tennessee with males migrating from the north and the first nesting juveniles out of the nest making feeder activity in backyards and natural areas very busy.
Juvenile hummingbirds look just like the females before the young males develop their red gorget feathers.  But if you spend time watching, you can identify some of the juveniles by behavior.  
Tentative and slower in flight initially, juveniles investigate everything, including you and every colorful flower.  In only a few days, they show the aggressive temperament that hummingbirds are so noted for.  The chasing and conflict we see in our gardens is practice for survival on wintering grounds in Central America where they will compete for nectar and insects with other hummingbird species. 

Visit Vickie Henderson Art for a fun look at Knoxville's Wonder of Hummingbirds Festival and see how hummingbirds are banded.  At Vickie's Sketchbook find more information about hummingbirds and the above sketches.   


  1. So glad to see your lovely work again! I really enjoy your hummingbirds.

  2. Love your negative painting and such pretty colours!

  3. your hummingbird paintings are full of happiness


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