Monday, June 1, 2015

Rose-bush in a magic setting

If you come to Italy and Rome you must check the Giardini di Ninfa in the springtime, if you wish to spend a few hours in a dream.
I had the privilege, together with a group of sketchers, of spending a free afternoon there.
This very ancient rose- whose name I've forgotten-caught my attention.
I drew it in pastel. It was leaning  on an ancient wall of the ruined village, and the bluish shade was the copper oxyde sprayed to protect the plant from parasytes. It contrasted beautifully with the acid yellow of the younger stems.
It's really hard to select a subject in this paradise, imagined and planted lovingly by the lady of the Caetani family.
Wishing everyone a fantastic spring.

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  1. The garden sounds wonderful. What a pretty painting to save the memory.


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