Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Morning vultures

Two turkey vultures caught my eye when we went to our local duck pond this morning.  The top one has just landed and is getting his feet arranged just right.  The lower left is sunning.  They get damp during the night and need to dry their wings.  I love to see them sitting there, holding their wings out.  Also, when two were perched in the same old snag the shadow of the higher one's head happened to fall on the back of the lower one.


  1. Oh you got this posted fast. It was so much fun watching you paint this. It's sooo good. :)

  2. I love "getting his feet arranged just right"!
    On a drive from Corvallis to Portland recently, we saw a dozen or so vultures walking around in a field of stubble. One had its wings spread, holding still, and we wondered why. Mystery solved -- thanks!
    I'm still wondering what they were doing scattered about on the ground. Any ideas?

    1. If the field had just been mowed, there would be some small bits of carrion for them (mice, snakes, gophers, etc....). I've seen vultures work over a hay field for at least three days after mowing. Not the most pleasant thought, but I think that is your answer.

    2. Thanks, Elva. I hadn't thought of that. I'm sure you're right.


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