Monday, September 29, 2014

Magnolia Seed Pod by Linda C. Miller

I have been painting flora since 2008 and here is a new painting from one of our Fall treasures, the Magnolia grandiflora.  The red seeds are so striking and hang by a thin white thread!  I sat with my pod for the last two days while giving an art demonstration in Yorktown, Virginia.  It was such a joy to paint, especially as I added my darkest value on the seeds, any dried purple on my palette! 


  Happy Painting, Linda

  Linda C. Miller Artist Naturalist Instructor



  1. I find these pods when I go for a walk. I didn't know the name of the tree until I saw this. Beautiful sketch.

  2. Gorgeous, Linda...I didn't realize they were so shiny!

  3. A wonderful painting. At first I wanted to write a List of things I love on these painting, but I recognize I love the whole thing...


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