Friday, July 4, 2014

Quick sketches in a Nature reserve-Concetta Flore

A quiet, little known reserve whose waters nurture one of the most spectacular waterfalls (Italian scale, i.e. small) in Central Italy, la Cascata delle Marmore. Few know that the Cascata waters have been directed there in Roman times to drain a huge lake near Rieti; what remains are two small lakes, Lungo and Ripasottile, in a cultivated plain at the bottom of Monte Terminillo, Rome's nearest mountain, more than 1000 mt high.
Holding a course in watercolor, I did a few demo for my students.


  1. These are just beautiful, fresh!

    1. thanks Kate! quick demos need to be fresh...

    2. They do, and you really captured it. I would LOVE to walk up that boardwalk and see what's around the corner.

  2. I like how you painted the water.

  3. Estupendas acuarelas! Congratulations!


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