Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kicking Leaves

Baker's Hole, North Umpqua River, Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, USA

It is leaf kicking time.  The ground is nearly hidden by a clutter of crumpled big-leafed maple leaves.  Those on the ground have a touch of yellow, but are mostly golden tan.  Bright yellows still fall with every wisp of breeze.  Some zig and zag; most spiral lazily down.  The bigger the platter, the slower the float.  Last night's heavy dew keeps colors rich and adds a freshness to the cool morning air.

My leaves don't do justice to the originals compared to some I see on this blog.  Someday I plan to find time to do a careful sketch.  Meanwhile, for me, these capture the memory.


  1. I love the title and the shapes of your leaves. Our season of color is just beginning in Tennessee, but I also love to see the ground blanketed with yellow and gold!

  2. Your leaves are so beautiful and fool-the-eye that I am summer green with envy. We really mist the glorious colors of change down her in Central Florida.

  3. I commented, but perhaps it did not go through. These are lovely and provide a bit of nostalgia for us former Northerners living in Florida. Thanks.

  4. Nice job on these. We just filled 7 huge bags of these today. With many many many more to go. Think I would rather paint them then rake them. lol

    1. Painting is definitely more fun! .... but I'd hate to paint each and every one in your 7 bags!


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