Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn Leaves in Alcohol Ink

Can't help myself! Got to have some autumn color! LOL

From Hal Borland's "Book of Days" (1964) "Autumn in your Hand:"

"A tree in Autumn is a lovely sight. One tree alone can concentrate the beauty of a whole woodland, leaf by leaf and branch by branch, as one flower can give the essence of a whole garden.....Watch even a single branch outside a certain window, and you are watching the color of change. One morniing there is a spot of yellow on a certain leaf....Another day and that glow may be there. It spreads. The spot becomes a splash of gold...edged perhaps with a thin line of scarlet. It creeps down the leaf between the veins, and then across the veins; and the scarlet edging widens into a band and then a border....Thus comes Autumn, leaf by leaf and tree by tree, thus the woods become a hooked rug flung across the hills with all its folds and all its colors....Pick up one leaf of those already cast adrift, and you hold Autumn in your hand."

Happy Autumnal Sunday!


  1. So gorgeous! Thanks for the quote. It makes autumn's brevity linger a bit.

  2. What luscious color! I'd never heard of alcohol inks .... had to go look them up.


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