Monday, July 1, 2013

Recent Sketches

A few pilings still emerge from the water in an old log pond near me.  This heron was preening when I sat down to sketch him.  He spotted me immediately and kept a wary eye on me until someone else spooked him.  I never grown tired of sketching great blue herons.
By afternoon we were at the Oregon coast.  First I sketched yarrow along the rip rap at Bastendorf Beach and then I sketched an elephant seal flipping sand at Shell Island.  The sea lions that share the beach with the elephant seal never flip sand.  I've heard the elephant seals do it of get a little protection from the sun.   


  1. You found some of my favorites, Elva! I'd love to see the seals again.

  2. These are wonderful Elva. I really love your heron. They are such majestic birds.


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