Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cormorant Sketches from the Oregon Coast

This is long distance sketching.  I mounted my 20-60 power spotting scope on the car window and aimed it at a double-crested cormorant colony.  These youngsters are begging.  By nibbling at the corners of the parent's mouth, they will get the parent to regurgitate fish.
Once the adult is ready to cough up fish, the youngster's head almost disappears inside the adult's mouth.
I sketched the largest tree in the colony.  All together about 100 nests are gathered in several trees on top of a little island just off the Oregon Coast mainland.  For more about the cormorants, please go to my blog:  www.elvafieldnotes.blogspot.com


  1. That must have been a sight to see. Love your paintings :)

  2. Those are absolutely wonderful, Elva! I really enjoy cormorants, we've had a few at the lake near us. And I envy your scope!

  3. Wow Elva, gorgeous capture of these beauties.

  4. This is fascinating Elva. I've never seen a cormorant but your sketches make me feel like I have. You have such a good way of capturing so much information with so few strokes. Love these!


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