Monday, July 29, 2013

Cactus Bloom

Cactus Bloom by Teri DC
Cactus Bloom, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
A cactus for Monday. A Wisconsin Prickly Pear that gave us one bloom this summer.


  1. Is this a cactus growing wild near where you live, or one you have planted? I remember finding little cactuses near the Mississippi River, but can't remember them anywhere else in Wisconsin.

  2. We have them planted on the south side of our house and have even transplanted them from soutern Wisconsin. To think that they survive our winters is amazing but probably accounts for their low growth and few blossoms.

  3. Just great Teri! I am amazed to see any sort of cactus growing in Wisconsin. Must be one hardy fellow (or lady as the case may be).


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