Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lichen and Pin Oak Leaf by Linda C. Miller


In my studio, I have a basket lined in this beautiful linen fabric holding my fall nature finds.  I live in Williamsburg, Virginia where we are "leafless"  from late November to mid April.  So this basket provides much joy in our winter months.

Here is this year's painting of a fallen branch with several forms of lichen and a pin oak leaf.   The cool tan and dark black were both made by mixing cobalt blue, permanent rose and lemon yellow.  I am always amazed by the range of colors one can achieve when mixing the three primaries together.  I no longer use burnt umber and raw umber.  I added Quinacridone red to create the rolled edge.     

Happy Painting, Linda

Linda C. Miller
Artist  Naturalist Instructor


  1. Thanks for the info--great to know what colors you prefer. And these studies are jaw-dropping!

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  3. Until you explained, I thought I was looking at the actual stuff from your autumn basket! These are beautiful and your work fills me with awe.

  4. Superb work, Linda!
    PS - I am off to look at your blog.

  5. Gorgeous as always, Linda. Thank you so much for sharing some of the technical details, as well!

  6. Beautifully drawn! I salute you for learning to work with a limited palette.


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