Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tree And Road Runner

While my husband was hitting golf balls I was sketching this interesting tree when a Road Runner bird popped into the scene.  I added him to the sketch but didn't leave enough room so I used a reference for a better sketch.
The Road Runner seems to be everywhere in Arizona and always fun to see as it runs. It has long legs and long tail and always seems to run rather than fly. Many of you may remember seeing the cartoon road runner...'beep, beep'.


  1. Great sketches. I love roadrunners. They are always one of my delights when I go to western states!

  2. They're both beautiful, Teri. I see roadrunners around Lake Amistad, but never have had the opportunity to see them stop long enough to sketch. Blessings!

  3. Thank you both. I always look for these roadrunners to pop up somewhere.

  4. I can only imagine how cool it would be to see these birds live and in action, Teri. What awesome sketches.

    We aren't hitting the golf balls, yet, but I've been doing my stretching and getting ready. We had snow flurries again today. Where on earth is Spring?? (Maybe she's happy putting her feet up in Arizona for now!)

  5. Thanks Talon. so fun to see you here. It is always so fun and exciting to sketch nature.


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