Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pond Sketching

Western Pond Turtle

Weak winter sunshine brings a western pond turtle out of marshy water and up onto a little hummock of organic matter.  He tips his shell to gather as much warmth as possible.  
Red-winged Blackbird
Blackbirds are just beginning to set up territories on the same marsh.  So far their singing is rather half-hearted, but their wings are beautiful when they fly.  

For the past many days I have either been chained to my computer .... or sitting beside one pond or another.  I love it when we find enough activity to keep us in the same spot for hours ..... I have plenty of time to sketch while Dale photographs.  


  1. Looks and sounds like spring is on the way. Neat observations and sketches.

  2. Great sightings and paintings of them. We have lots of those red winged black birds eating from our feeders lately. I love seeing that flash of red and yellow.


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