Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Surprise in my Flower Pot.

Surprise in my Flower Pot. by apple-pine
Some time in August we had an organizational zeal: re-planted flowers, added fertilizers, cleaned a few boxes of dried moss, lichen, sticks and rocks and added seeds into our bird feeder. Some spilled soil was scooped back into my hanging flower pot and new things started to grow... first it looked like tall grass, later we recognized millet :), some things grew and were gone before we were able to identify them but my favorites are tiny sunflowers! They came out in early December and are still hanging in there - even though we had some below freezing nights and I stopped watering anything for a while...
Life finds a way :)


  1. Beautiful sketch of your volunteer flower garden.

  2. Oh, serendipity! Gotta love it...and your purple ink is so lively.

  3. Aren't surprises fun? Wonderful sketch!

  4. Nature can be so kind and generous. How thoughtful of you to capture and share this. What a lovely drawing -- especially the purple lines and the sunflowers!

  5. thank you, Elva, Kate, Paula and Joy! :)
    That purple pen is my secret treasure :)

  6. I bought a set of ballpoint pens to play with for the class, and one of them was purple--guess which one I grabbed first, thanks to you!


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