Saturday, January 12, 2013

Soaking Wet and Annoyed

Oh so wet!  Rain drips off his beak off his feathers, off the mossy branch and off the twigs.  He (a sharp-shinned hawk) is perched in our front yard, hoping to catch sight of a meal.  All the lucky birds have disappeared.

This shape-shinned hawk was a regular visitor to my yard in December.  Sometimes I sketched him though the front window, and sometimes I eased the bathroom window open and could sketch without any glass between us.  I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks .... good for my yard birds.
He reminds me of an owl .... lots of head bobbing when he is hunting.  Such a treat to be so close to a relaxed, wild hawk.


  1. Me gustan mucho tus estudios.

  2. Elva! What a wonderful really caught the shapes and attitude. Gorgeous!

  3. great sketches!
    your observation skills are running. high

  4. Amazing. Love the colors and the sketches.

  5. Oh, I saw one today who looked just as you pictured. Great job.

  6. This is wonderful Elva. I actually thought it was Kate's work until I saw your name. So well done! And how lucky you were to have him so close and convenient for sketching.


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