Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fat Fellows

I'm either very brave or very reckless to follow one of Alessandro's bird paintings but here goes. This White-throated Sparrow and Junco were just two of the many birds at my feeder on New Year's Eve. It was like they all gathered to party!

I spent New Year's Day on a hike in the woods with several of my Master Naturalist friends. I'm always amazed at the combined (and individual) knowledge of that group. I learned how to identify the acorns from a Scarlet Oak and saw my very first Over-cup Oak. We found large Oyster mushroom, tiny Turkey Tail ones, plus a branch full of Wood Ears (edible but...ick!). I hope to have some sketches from this hike later. I didn't have time to sketch with the group but took lots of photos to work from. All in all, a wonderful way to start the new year!


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