Saturday, November 10, 2012

Orinoco Goose Sketch

When I sketch outdoors  I care  a lot  for details  and sometimes I can spend many hours sitting  trying to find the similarities and expression I like, this goose and its baby were resting on the edge of a lake.
I use tea and coffee  to give the appearance of old paper.

pardon my english  :)


  1. These are very beautiful...I love the paper effect, too. We don't have that kind of goose here!

  2. Lovely sketch Emmanuel! And your English is just fine. ;-) Thanks for reminding me about using coffee and tea. I keep meaning to try that.

  3. These are beautiful studies of their heads. .... very alive.

  4. Thank you for your comments!
    Paula I think is better to use about 5 tea bags in a tray with water, and leaving the paper overnight, i recommend one paper for each tray.

  5. Thanks! I look forward to trying it.


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