Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Bluebird Grown Up

Baby Bluebird Grown Up by Teri DC
Baby Bluebird Grown Up, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
When I see this bluebird on top of the hummingbird feeder pole, I like to think it is the baby I saved a few weeks ago.
The feeder pole sits in front of the window so I see him occasionally sitting there looking for food.


  1. what a lovely thought - I'm sure it is the same!

  2. Oh, I'm absolutely sure it's him Teri! Beautiful sketch!

  3. What a little beauty, Teri! Thank you for inviting us along on this saga.

  4. I am so happy I recorded this event in my journal. Every time I see a bluebird I will think it is my buddy :)

  5. Teri, I agree with everyone that this has to be your little guy. And you've captured him so well.


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