Friday, July 13, 2012

Wheel Bug -- Paula

This was my first live encounter with a Wheel Bug. Common in the eastern and mid-western part of the US, they are normally found in fields and meadows where they feed on caterpillars and other insects. Eggs are laid in clusters on leaves with one generation per year. The nymph is blood red with black markings. This one was on my back porch this morning so I captured him in a jar to have a good look. Couldn't resist doing a few little sketches, but I didn't keep him long. From what I read, they can give a nasty sting if harassed. When I let him go, he sprouted little wings from the large rear section of his body and few a couple of feet. Amazing creature.


  1. Oh how lucky you are! I'm on the West Coast so I'll probably never see one, but I have seen them in books.

  2. Oh, they DO sting, yes! Love the post...I had no idea what they fed on, thanks Paula. I love this blog...I learn so much.

  3. Very nice bugs :-)
    I like those sketches

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