Friday, July 13, 2012

Adelaide Botanic Park

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I waited for my friend to come at the Adelaide Botanic Park. I had 5 minutes of free time, brush pen and markers in my pocket and a beautiful tree just in front of me. Here is my quick sketch of the tree, with small alterations in Photoshop - my scanner is bad, bad thing))


  1. It is a wonderful loose impression, so very different from your detail work.

    By the way, I love your black and white cats on your blog site.

  2. Thank you Elva for you kind feedback of my work! The background on my website is my own design. I use to draw a lot of ornamental works before I broke my right hand. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard for me now to produce this kind of neat controlled lines. So I am seeking myself in looser drawing styles nowadays))

  3. I like quick sketches, very much! Nice job, Anna...and sorry about your hand!


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