Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This February I spent in Thailand with my boyfriend, enjoying friendly environment there and endlessly snorkeling. Most of the time we spent on Koh Tao, small island, famous by their seascapes. It is amazing how variable the sea formations are and how harmonious they blend together

I took my sketchbook with me, but it is seemed that my usual way of drawing wouldn't work, as it was rather too controlled for such a subtle flow of beauty. I tried ink, markers, watercolors, but my usual materials turned useless as my sketches looked rather decorative and emotionless. It was until I discovered monotyping, which was unpredictable, messy, but gave those feeling of the chaotic harmony, space and fullness of life.
Anna Cherkasova Anna Cherkasova


  1. I love the way your painting captured the underwater scene. You can definitely see the swirly motion of the water and plants. Well done!

  2. What a perfect solution, Anna! That's beautiful...


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