Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sketching In The Yard

Sketching In The Yard by Teri DC
Sketching In The Yard, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
I decided my yard has lots to offer in wildlife so I took my paints and found this plant. I looked through my wild flower book and cannot find the name of this plant but it was sure fun to paint and then the bee came along to join the fun.


  1. I have no clue what it is.. but you did a wonderful job on it. Love the Bee added to this.

    1. Thanks Cris. After doing a lot of research I am 80% sure they are wild petunias.

  2. Lovely Teri. I especially like the way you set them off with the background colors.

  3. Thank you Paula, it was kind of an afterthought and I am happy I had the thought.


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