Tuesday, June 12, 2012

African Bushveld sunset - Maree

Today I will face life 
with the conviction that this day 
will not ever return. 

Have a good day and a better one tomorrow! 

Aloe Marlothii - Watercolour sketch in small hand-made sketch-book with hand-made satin-finish Linen paper 

The fiery aloe in full bloom, the smell of the fragrant wild sage on a dewy morning and one of Africa's tallest animals in the back-ground - a typical African Bushveld scene that makes one's spirits soar! 




  1. My spirits soar just looking at your drawings! How incredibly awesome to have a giraffe in your back yard! I had a possum the size of a small dog in my garden the other night but somehow it just doesn't compare.

    1. Thank you Paula! You are indeed lucky, I have never seen a Possum! But just remember, the Giraffe is nowhere near my back-yard! We have to travel to Game Reserves to view these magnificent animals and that is a true joy!

  2. The composition and content are just wonderful!

  3. Your composition is gorgeous and love that giraffe!!


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