Friday, May 11, 2012

New Pages in Sketching in Nature


I'm adding some new pages to our blog...Contributor News, Nature Centers and Sites, and A Nature Artist's Bookshelf, so far.  I may add one on tools and equipment, supplies, journals, sketching aids, binoculars, folding field stools and such.

Please, correspondents, if you have news of any classes, shows, travel or other event you'd like to share, let me know and I'll get it up in our Contributor News!

I've put links to some of my local sites and plan to add more--please, readers, let me know what opportunities for study or sketching are in your area!

I've added a lot of my favorite books, as well as some I've written...if you've got recommendations, let me know and I'll check them out!

Have fun poking around...and please help me out with this!

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