Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mediterranean coast maquis

A week ago I went to Gaeta, a beautiful small town on the west coast half-way between Rome and Naples, for the opening of a nature art exhibition to which I took part. We visited the Nature Reserve of Gianola, and as the group explored the roman ruins of a villa with baths, I was captivated by this contorted tree- probably a juniper- on the hillock behind the steep coastline. I worked very quickly, probably 15 min. altogether.
Junipers are very adaptable plants, growing from the hot coast to the very high Alps. Their slow growth causes their shape to be modeled by the elements.
I've posted more info and sketches on my blog . Do take a look if you wish!


  1. I did check your blog. These are indeed beautifully done!

  2. Beautiful sketch Concetta. It's amazing how the wind can permanently bend these trees. There are similar, "horizontal" trees on some of the islands in the Caribbean (called Divi Divi, I think). I love the way you painted all the way across the 2 pages of your book.


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