Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My insect at the Oasis magazine competition

This year Oasis magazine organized a competition of nature paintings, and for the occasion I sended some paintings. One of these has been rewarded: "aquatic insects" has been drawed in the same board but with different painting techniques. The butterfly Zerynthia polyxena and is feeding plant is maden in watercolor; Hydrous piceus and  Dytiscus marginalis (male and female) is a mixed with watercolor and gouache in overlapping layers. I am very happy of this occasion especially becouse this work will take a tour around with a dedicated exibition.....Alessandro Sacchetti - Wildlife Painter: I miei disegni per il concorso di Oasis


  1. So intricate and delicate! Beautiful!

  2. Congratulations, Alessandro! The award is well-deserved - your paintings are amazing.


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