Friday, February 10, 2012


I came across these studies of a baby blackbird I raised last year, and thought I'd share them. This is the perfect age to use chicks as models. At this stage, they perch and remain still for long periods of time, waiting to be fed, happy to be near you.
It is an Old World blackbird, belonging to the genus Turdus - a Turdus merula - unrelated to the American blackbirds. They are quite common in urban gardens, and given the chaos of urban life, plenty of chicks get separated from their parents in the spring.
I used watersoluble graphite pencils; they are a great tool, allowing for fast, flowing lines. I filled in the form using a water brush once the sketch was done.

Barbara Bacci


  1. These are inspiring, sensitive studies--most helpful to me. Thanks for posting them

  2. Very nice sketches of birds. I also enjoy using the graphite pencils.

  3. These are just beautiful...the detail is wonderful. Graphite can be SO much fun.

  4. Beautiful studies of the sweet babies!

  5. I love these studies of birds! Awesome

  6. I agree with everyone--well done!


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