Monday, January 30, 2012


It seems that the lichens grow where there is humidity and no pollution.
This little branch was taken near my house, there are not doubts about humidity, about pollution I don’t know.
It’s true that around my house there  is a lot of green, but maybe lichens are just used to the smog.

Xanthoria parietina e  Chaenomeles japonica - watercolour on  Magnani sketchbook


  1. Angela, your work is always so wonderful. I love the lichens. I wasn't aware that they couldn't grow well in smog. Guess that's why I don't see them near my house in the city. The japonicas are budding here in Virginia now, too. Seems a bit early but we've also had daffodils in full bloom so who knows? Everything seems to think it's spring already.

  2. Beautiful details and wonderful color. It is lichen season here too. All winter is damp and the lichens thrive.


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