Monday, January 30, 2012


Falcon, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

A sad story...I wish I could have seen him better...


  1. That is a sad story Kate. I've often seen sparrows inside the Home Depot and the Lowe's here but never anything big. I always figured if they could get in, they could get out so I never worried about them. I love the way you captured the roof with all the girders. It's immediately obvious what it is. Did you do that with your favorite watercolor pencil?

  2. Thank you, Paula...I was very sad about this. They tried hard to find someone to rescue him, but that ceiling is really high, don't know how they would have managed.

    And no, this was just a quick mechanical pencil sketch with watercolor splashed in...

    1. what a touching page, text and sketch blend in an epitaph.

  3. Oh dear. I wish they had put food out until someone who knows how to capture him came. I've help my mother catch a lot of raptors for banding, but it takes awhile to build the proper trap. Lovely sketch.


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