Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rainy Winter Day - Lin Frye

Rainy Winter Day by linfrye
Rainy Winter Day, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/4 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

In the denser air of grey, brooding clouds
I smell the coming rain.
Muted autumn colors are saturated, yet
Dulled without sunlight’s bright touch.
There’s a somberness to this winter's day,
A foreshadowing of the season's advance, creeping
ever toward us
As the earth slides away from center.

We've seven days of rain predicted for this last of the pre-holiday weeks. It's warmed up again, with temperatures in the mid 60s - and tomorrow, we're to reach 70F! Though I welcome the warmth - I really dislike being cold - there's something un-Christmasy about it.

Each Christmas when I was a girl, my father, who also disliked the cold, used to take our family from the frigid, damp New York suburbs to the sunny, warm sands of Florida. We'd wake up Christmas morning to swim in the Atlantic, while we bathed ourselves in bright sunlight. After a week, we'd return with our holiday 'tans' ...

While it was fun and felt good to be warm in the middle of winter, the palm trees and Santas in airplanes instead of sleighs somehow made us long for snow and cold even more! (go figure! LOL)

I suppose I am still that little girl longing for 'chestnuts roasting, sleighbells and white Christmases' .... and if it's going to be damp and wet and grey, it'd be more enjoyable if it were white and snow! LOL Guess I'll be painting my own, this year!

Today is my last day at work before holiday break. Already the students have left for a couple of weeks and most of the staff and faculty will leave after this evening. The campus is quiet, and it's a good time to get a few of those 'never can get to' things accomplished.

Hope your day is terrific!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. So pretty Lin. I love that patch of sunlight. Draws your eye right in. I, too, have trouble with a warm Christmas. Here in VA, we often get snow and most always cold but today it feels balmy. I worked up a sweat just walking to work today! Bring on the snow!

  2. and happy Christmas to you, too!

  3. Very inspiring. I just love the way you've used the sunlight on the roof of the barn and across the field to draw your eyes into the painting. Lovely work, thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Very well done, Lin. You have so well portrayed that blustery wetness. I hope for your sake, it gets cold! And I wish you a wonderful [and hopefully, white] Christmas!

  5. Thank you all so much -- and a joyous noel to you!!

  6. A wonderful image captured in a unique mood was. Congratulations!
    Many greetings from Germany


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