Tuesday, December 20, 2011

E. grandis - Maree

Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer
is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible
exception of a moose singing "Embraceable You" in spats.
- Woody Allen

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Blue gum tree (Eucalyptus) on our property in Tarlton, Gauteng, South Africa.

Summer is in FULL swing with temperatures way up in the late 30°C and early 40°C in parts of the country! Here in Tarlton I've been struggling with the heat at only 31°C, so if I want to do some field sketching, I go out to our blue gum bush early in the morning, about 5am, where I found this lovely tall tree - he's one of the straightest on our property and I just adore him!

Here in S.A., Blue gum trees are popular with bee-keepers for the honey they provide (I just LOVE Bluegum Honey!). However, in South Africa they are considered invasive, with their water-sucking capabilities threatening water supplies. They also release a chemical into the surrounding soil which kills native competitors.

The following Eucalyptus species have become naturalised in South Africa: E. camaldulensis, E. cladocalyx, E. diversicolor, E. grandis and E. lehmannii.


  1. Love your gum tree Maree. I can almost feel the heat and the coolness in the shade.Is there any hint of the eucalyptus scent in the honey? It's fun to think about you having summer while we're having winter but then we're just about as far away from each other as we can get on this planet.

  2. Maree, love your painting of the gum tree, and all those interesting facts!

  3. I enjoy the time here in this blog. I like the brush and trees at the grove. Thank you for the informative information.

    Many greetings from Germany

  4. He is a handsome fellow! I too feel the cool of the morning in this piece. Love the quote you chose :)

  5. Thanks a lot Paula! Funny enough, there is no 'eucalyptus' taste to the honey but it has an exceptionally different taste! And from this side of the planet, hope you have a beautiful festive season and stunning new year!

  6. Pleased you like it Kathryn, thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks ever so much Kräuterfraala, it's great having you visit us here! Greetings to you to from South Africa!

  8. Ain't that quote just too funny PJ?! Pleased you like this, thanks a lot for your lovely comment!

  9. Thanks a slot Kate, couldn't resist the quote, it kept me grinning for hours!


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