Monday, November 7, 2011

Dragon Fruit Cactus In Ink

ink and watercolor

Two things conspired to get me to this cactus drawing.
I got a Noodler's pen and wanted to do an ink drawing,
this cactus lives at my neighbor's house and is long, lanky, climbs up, grows fun red fruit and makes an interesting subject.

I decided to draw this while watching football because all the shading lines require a lot of time and easily done as multi-tasking.

The fruit is called 'dragon fruit' and the cactus is officially a 'Pitahaya Agria'.

colored pencil

This is a sketch of the same fruit that I did with colored pencil in 2006.  Gives you an idea how it looks on the cactus arm.

I love Arizona!


  1. Love that splash of colour with the ink Teri, really brings the cactus to life! Lovely sketch and info!

  2. That red really does pop Teri. Did you like the Noodler's pen? I have yet to try one.

  3. Funny you should ask is actually a bit of a disappointment as it does not start writing immediately as I would like. Takes about 8 letters to get it flowing. When it does write, I love it.
    Some people have no trouble at all and I have heard of others having a problem. So, being an optimist, I will keep using it and hope it gets better. In the meantime I am going to look for another fountain pen as I really love sketching with them.

  4. They all seem to have different line qualities, siiigh. The Noodler's is closest to one of my beloved vintage Waterman pens, so I keep tweaking it. I like the little sharp-pointed Carbon Pen I featured on Artist's Journal Workshop, too. Lamys are nice but their EF really isn't...

  5. Pretty cool post! We have one of these cactus plants in our backyard, so I was very interested to see your lovely sketch.


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