Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summer at last! - Maree

“See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... we need silence to be able to touch souls.”
- Mother Teresa

W&N Watercolours on Amedeo 200gsm sketching paper - 12" x 8"

Summer at last on our Smallholding in Tarlton, South Africa! Remnants of Winter are still visible, but we've had our first summer rains and the Blue gums (Eucalyptus) are looking spectacular. They truly did this metamorphosis in complete silence - the one minute they were cold and sparse-looking and the next they're dressed in their finest summer finery, offering food and protection for the birds once more.

For the white parts of the trunks, I did a few strokes with a candle. I used the ordinary Price's candles (the cheapies in the blue wrapping), but you can also use white birthday cake candles, which actually work very well seeing as they are smaller.


  1. Maree, I love your candle technique. Got to try it. Your white tree trunks were the first thing I noticed so thanks for sharing how you made them. Beautiful sketch!

  2. This is a very interesting technique,
    thank you :-)

  3. Ah, glad you found that snippet useful Paula! Thank you for your lovely comment!


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