Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spread to Dry: Turkey Vultures

Now that nesting season is over, turkey vultures are gathering in small groups. They'll be heading south soon. The vultures are slow starters in the morning, waitng for thermals to develope. This group roosted in an old snag and gathered a layer of dew on their backs during the night. Even though there has been no rain for days and the sky is clear blue, they are now spread out, backs to the sun, drying off before looking for food.

At this time of year adult turkey vultures have red heads; the young birds have dark heads.

Usually my journal sketches are haphazardly thrown into my journal, but after savoring Cathy Johnson's wonderful new book, "Artist's Journal Workshop" I've been playing with sometimes thinking in terms of my space and dressing up the layout. It took very little effort to make the end result more attractive.

The ink work was drawn on location. Color added after I got home.


  1. Hi Elva! I think thisis an excellent result and excellent sketches as always!!

  2. LOVE them, Elva! I'll miss them when they go south here, too.

  3. Wonderful drawing. I have seen them line up on the fence in back holding out their wings like this sunning themselves. What a lovely sight to see. Then all of a suddent they are gone till next season.

  4. Love your page. We have both Turkey and Black Vultures all year long but I can tell when the migrants turn up. They are great fun to watch.


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