Monday, October 3, 2011

Pomegranate Fruit ~ Linda C. Miller

 I love Fall!  I am a fruit and seed pod passionEsta.  I love walking on the trail this time of year for everyone is bearing the "fruits of their labor".   Here is a pomegranate fruit, one of several that my husband brought home for me to paint.   At first the skin was a light pink and its skin was so smooth.  After three weeks, the fruits become this wonderful leathery beauty with rich oranges and scarlet red. 

Pomegranate Fruit
Watercolor on 300 lb HP Paper
Specimen:  Williamsburg
Size:  8 x 11 inches
copyright Linda C Miller, 2011

Happy Painting, Linda

Linda C. Miller Botanical Art Today
Williamsburg, Virginia
Artist ~ Naturalist~ Instructor


  1. Linda, that is a wonderful rendering of a pomegranate.

  2. It's just luminous, Linda! They grow pomegranates at Williamsburg? Hothouse?

  3. Stunning! I'm with you... bring on the fruits and nuts... to paint :)

  4. Thank you all.....the tree is on a golf course and its trunk is at least three feet diameter. I can't wait to visit it in the spring to paint its flowers.


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