Friday, October 28, 2011

the natural way to life-the Himba.Concetta Flore

Now, I was in doubt whether this Himba girl would be a subject for this blog. But after all, the Himbas live in the most natural way you can think of. They possess no technology, are happily illiterate, do not bother to wash but plaster their skin and hair in clay; they live in huts made of wood and mud, eat from the bush, raise small goats and chicken, and corn as a main crop. Yet they're healthy, beautiful, and happy under the african sky, which is their roof all day long.
Meeting them was an ancestral experience that made me feel redundant and fragile. I probably couldn't survive their way of life. But they condescended to pose for this strange, unknown practice of portraying them with a stick on something white and thin.
What they recognize are digital cameras, never seen a sketchbook before- and might never again!
This painting is taken from my sketch ( visible on my blog in an older post on Namibia) and was made on board, with acrylics, and covered with tissue paper to create atmosphere.
Location: Africa, Namibia; this little clan was on Gelbingen Farm, near the Etosha Park.


  1. Concetta, this was lovely. Honestly people like this ARE a part of nature (as are we all, in our way) so I'm happy you included this, and your feelings...

  2. Thanks both of you- I have made a second one which is better.Check my blog presently!


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