Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birds on the Lake

9-12-11, Birds on the Lake
©2011 Carolyn A. Pappas, Birds on the Lake (9-12-11). Pen in large handbook sketchbook.

I was lucky enough to see some water birds when we were taking our last boat ride on the lake for the year. There is a family of three swans (two adults and one juvenile) that I've been noticing swimming around the lake. After doing some reading, I think these are mute swans because they have a knob on their forehead. At the bottom of the page, I sketched some ducks, which look like little blurs because they were moving so fast.

I also spotted a heron on the water's edge (lower right). This particular heron likes to walk along our shoreline and fish from our dock. Before we took the boat out of the water, I spotted it climbing onto the boat to fish! Even though he moves very slowly, I was still only able to make stick figure like sketches of it (see below).

9-13-11, Heron on the Move
©2011 Carolyn A. Pappas, Heron on the Move (9-13-11). Pen in large handbook sketchbook.


  1. Carolyn, wonderful observations! And your sketches are crisp and the ducks in motion!

  2. I especially like how your reflections and line work behind the swans sets them off. Nicely done.


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