Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aspen Leaves - Laura Gillis

The Aspen leaves were just beginning to think about turning colors while we were in Colorado last week. There were a few trees that had turned bright gold and then there was this small tree whose leaves were turning in a pattern.

The leaves on this tree were green along the veins with an edge of yellow surrounding reddish-orange blotches. It was a very pretty effect and reminded me of a map but I wonder what caused it.... it didn’t look like something good. Along the edges and in some spots, the leaves had started turning black and were brittle and dry.

I only saw this effect in one small tree. I don’t know if it was diseased or had an insect infestation or maybe it was just being a non-conformist, artistic tree. What ever it was, I don’t think it was good for the tree and I hope it isn’t something that will spread through all the Aspen.

ink & watercolor on hemp paper


  1. I'm with you, it doesn't appear to be a healthy sign. Lovely renderings.

  2. What an interesting observation. It might have been drought stressed and so some parts had died ... just a thought.

  3. lovely match on the natural paper...


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