Thursday, July 14, 2011

Painting ferns..

is sort of a meditation. I drew this one first in pencil, then carefully added the watercolor. Most of my work is much looser than this so it was a good exercise in patience and observation for me. I love ferns, especially in the heat of summer when they seem cool and refreshing in the shadows.
I look forward to doing more of these...after I tackle a few Queen Anne's lace blossoms....

by Mary Richmond, Cape Cod Art and Nature


  1. I love ferns too, but they make me nervous to draw or paint because I get paranoid about getting all the leaves symmetrical.

  2. Carolyn--they really aren't all that symmetrical once you are right in there studying them...I found it to be more fun and a lot easier than I anticipated--try it!

  3. Very pretty. I can almost feel a little breeze blowing through the leaves.


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