Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kiep's first egg! - Maree

As grains in the cornfield, for thee have I shucked,
Words of love do I offer, yea of praise and renown,
Winged yet earthbound, as seraphs cast down,
To thee have I whisper'd, to me hast thou clucked.
Pulchritudinous poultry, from beak to thy legs,
To gaze at thy galliform soul is to sing
Of the unbested arm and the untested wing;
I toast thy fowl beauty as I toast thy fresh eggs.
Say not love is folly 'twixt chickens and men;
For hath not my heart forged a bond with thy breast?
Yea, a thick bond, which thickens, like mud in a nest,
And quickens my pulse for thou pullet, thou hen.
O chicken, surpassing the swallow or dove,
As thou swallow my corn, spurn not my love.
- Unknown

Shortly after my previous post about Kiep getting all grown-up and wanting to start laying eggs, she walked into my Studio and summarily jumped up on one of my tables housing my Keyboard and some art materials and started scratching around. I immediately knew she wanted to lay an egg! With great excitement I found a box, put a towel in it and filled it with some grass. She carried on like an old mother hen for about 10 minutes, scratching and organising the grass to her liking and then settled down to the serious business of egg-laying!

It was obvious that this first egg was not going to be an easy task and after some grunting and groaning and glassy-eyed expressions, suddenly, there it was!

The first egg!

Then it was time to proclaim this great feat to the world with a lot of squawking and cackling on top of the Keyboard!


  1. As a fellow chicken-owner, I've loved your posts about your chickens, and your paintings are lovely! Congratulations on the first egg!

  2. Thanks a lot Sarah! I saw your Chook on your blog, she's gorgeous, great sketch!!

  3. Well, congratulations to Kiep, and what a great painting, Maree!

  4. Oh to be there! Kiep knows who to honor with her egg :) Lovely sketch!

  5. Hooray for Kiep! I know how exciting that is!

  6. Thanks a lot to everyone, Kiep is on her FOURTH egg now and has settled nicely into the routine of egg-laying, she's becoming quite the pro!

  7. Caught this late, but congrats to Kiep and you who knew to act fast and get her a nest. I love your pictures of her.


  8. Oh you lucky, Maree! I hate to admit it but it has been over 50 years since I had a chicken tapping on my window so she could come in a lay an egg in our catchall basket in the living room. We had something like an Elmer's glue bottle in there so she always felt her egg was still there (while we quietly ate the rest of them). Fond memories.

  9. Thank you Annie! I'd sort of been expecting it, but didn't know that she would choose the studio! and that's where she heads first thing every morning now, straight to her nest box!

  10. Aaah Elva, I also have fond memories of Little Henny nesting in my clothes cupboard, so I know how much you miss that! I also leave one egg in Kiep's nest, it seems to reassure her that she's in the right spot!


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