Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eucalyptus~ botanical-ish page

eucalyptus in bloom
Jane LaFazio here. I had great fun creating this page of Eucalyptus leucoxylon 'rosea' (White Ironbark). I snipped some of the blooms, pods and leaves and brought them to my studio to draw and watercolor. The tree itself was covered in bees and I didn't want to risk my life to draw on location.
eucalyptus in bloom     eucalyptus in bloom

eucalyptus in bloom  eucalyptus in bloom
As I drew and painted each part realistically, I also took time to create a more graphic impression of the design on the page. I'll use those designs in my other artwork..(like I show in the 4th chapter of my DVD/download "From art journaling to art.")
I'm also working larger than I usually do, this is a 9x12 journal.


  1. beautiful,, just perfect!!

  2. I love it, Jane...I had no idea eucalyptus had such lovely flowers...

  3. Love this Jane! Nature knows design. This is a great page to show artists how to jump to the next step!


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