Friday, June 3, 2011

Sketching in Nature...

One of the things I love most about sketching in nature is that it hones our powers of observation, and encourages us to ask questions, to learn--to expand our horizons.

This is one of my old nature sketches, from 20 years ago...getting down on my backside at child level, I noticed details within details, and sketched each one as carefully as I could.  Obviously this is some sort of insect nest (and wish I could remember what!  Anyone? Leafcutter bee is my best guess!)  And it's also one of my favorite sketches, and I remember the day and the childlike curiosity as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I am loving our correspondent Nina Khashchina's series exploring and asking questions here, lately.  Her beautiful sketches are clear and delightfully done, allowing identification of the flowers she's finding in her on-the-spot sketching.  You saw them in THIS post and THIS post, for instance.

New correspondent Mary Richmond's nature sketches put us right there on a Cape Cod beach with her, traveling in places we might never get to see in person.  (And my apologies, Mary, I didn't realize I hadn't gotten your name and blog up in our correspondent list!  Taken care of, now!)

Through our correspondents, we've traveled all over the US as well as to Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Italy and much much more...thank you all!

We've worked for conservation causes, bringing attention to the needs of those voiceless creatures that share the world with us.  And wandered down country lanes, sketchbook in hand.

PLEASE POST MORE OFTEN!  Learning is what this blog is all about...that and getting OUT there, working on the spot.

So...back to my once-again-mystery insects (it's the dickens getting old, I used to know the answer!)  Click on the art to see it full size, and if you have an answer, please share!  As I said, I'm guessing leafcutter bee for now, and good old Google!


  1. I love your sketch of the bark, leaves, buds etc.…every item on your page is so well layed out.

  2. Let me check back in my journals, Kate. I remember finding something like this. I give a post :)

  3. Thanks, Pam, I loved your journal page!


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