Friday, June 3, 2011

Leafroller Moth - Pam Johnson Brickell

I had to search back in my journals to see if I could shed some light on Kate's question of what type of insect will roll/fold leaves in here previous post here?

In the low country of South Carolina, I came across a Marsh Fern whose top leaves were rolled into a ball like shape.  I remember asking a naturalist friend of mine what insect would do this.  His reply... "A Leafroller Moth" - I remember thinking how funny. With all the huge scientific and hard to pronounce Latin names out there... how quaint to call a moth by what it does!  Ha Ha!

My insect book, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America, says leafrollers are in the family Tortricidae and that there are over 1,100 species in North America!

So, perhaps this is what you found, Kate?


  1. Oh thank you, Pam...if it isn't the critter it sure looks as if it does similar! Check out the link on the bees, they do too...

  2. Love, love, love your sketches!! thanks so ,uch for posting them!


  3. Your welcome, Kate. I think the leaf cutter bee is a huge possibility, too. I love Valerie's work - great link. I didn't know she went back to Britain!

    Thanks, Ruth. I'll keep trying to get out there and sketch so I can post :)

  4. this is beautiful! lovely work--and I love the notes, too ;-)

  5. I love your sketches, beautiful as well as informative!

  6. Thanks, Mary and Desiree. I love feeling like a child again when I make a new discovery :)


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