Thursday, June 16, 2011

Full Strawberry Moon • 6.15.2011

I love when the high tide and a full moon coincide.

One more journal page of this event at Artist's Journal Workshop blog and the full story on my blog.


  1. Beautiful moon. When the moon poured in my window last night I thought to myself, "It must be a full moon." Sure enough.

    Your moonlight on water is just delicious.

  2. Great sketch PJ! We had an Eclipse of the full moon on Wednesday night, does that happen at the same time in the Northern Hemisphere? It was WONDERFUL, started at 8.23pm and I went out at 10-minute increments to watch until it was totally blacked out at about 10pm (got a stiff neck for my efforts!) But there was nothing 'black' about it, a gorgeous orange/red moon, until the light started creeping back again. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, our eclipses start at the bottom of the moon and did you know that our quarter-moon is upside down to yours?

  3. Gorgeous, Pam...and how fortuitous that they coincided! (And Maree, we didn't get to see the eclipse in the Northern hemisphere...)

  4. Thank you Elva, Maree and Kate!
    Dang, no eclipse here, Maree. The colors are amazing - our last one here this past winter had the same coloration as yours. Quite a thrill, huh?


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