Thursday, June 16, 2011

about shrikes:Lanius collurio-Concetta Flore

Quite a few years ago, I was out sketching in the mountainous region of Abruzzo (I've mentioned in other posts) and got the opportunity of observing a red-backed shrike poised on a bramble. He was at ease and stayed there for all the time I needed. I can't remember if I had my telescope or only my binoculars, but anyway I caught him looking in different directions.
Shrikes have this habit, luckily, of flying always back to their favourite branch unless something disturbs them.
 The butterfly must have come later in the day (sorry, I can't identify it!)
So, seeing other shrikes posted here, I remembered this sketch and thought of joining in the theme.


  1. What a beautiful shrike. We have two in the United States. Both are shades of grey, black and white (with browns if immature). Yours is very handsome.

    Thank heavens for their tendancy to come back to the same perch!

  2. Great sketch of all the different views Concetta! Our Fiscal Shrike also tends to sit on the one perch for ages, lucky for us!

  3. Wonderful sketches, Concetta. It's so fascinating to see all these shrikes from here and there around the world. The colors here are just lovely...

  4. Lovely sketch and beautiful bird.


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