Monday, May 23, 2011

Watercolor seashells - Mary Richmond

 I have been an invited member here for several years but this is the first time I have actually contributed some drawings/paintings. Almost every day I draw and paint either out in nature or from nature and these seashells were some that I collected on a nearby beach on one of my last walks. It is still too cold here on Cape Cod to spend too much time painting outside, especially on the beach so I did these in my studio. Soon enough I will be back outside.
The first ones are moon snails and even though they are voracious predators I find them beautiful. At this time of year is is rare to find a whole one so when I do it always manages to find its way into my pocket.
These are knobbed whelks and although I have painted many whole ones I love the twists and turns of the ones with holes, cracks and even parts missing.

Both pieces are sketched in pencil and painted in watercolor. I write an almost daily nature blog so please stop by at Cape Cod Art and Nature.


  1. Very nice Mary!

    I have a small collection of moon snail and whelk shells I brought home from North Truro many years ago, and while not 'the beach,' the Beech Forest in Provincetown must be my most favorite place. Glad you posted paintings and also a link to your blog.


  2. Mary, what a lovely first post! I'd delighted to have you...I was about to start weeding out people who haven't posted, so I'm doubly glad to see you.

  3. The shell paintings are quite good.

  4. thanks, everyone--and nanina--Beech Forest is one of my absolute favorites--full of migrating warblers right now though the rain is not great for getting out to sketch or even to take photos...and Kate, sorry it took me so long to get here...

  5. You're here NOW, Mary, and hope to see you often. I love your blog.

  6. Thanks, Kate==and I'm glad I finally got here


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