Monday, May 23, 2011

Sketchy watercolours-Concetta Flore

Yesterday WWF Italy  was celebrating "sanctuary day" and opening its sanctuaries  all over the country.
I was in Corchiano, near the Pian Sant'Angelo sanctuary.
Little time between walks, so here are the two watercolours I produced.
The first one was comfortably made under a dazzling sun, on a terrace overlooking a dramatic canyon created by the now modest river throughout the millennia.
The second one, on a tiny sketchbook, I made without  a pencil outline, directly in colours, by the sunlit waterfalls down below. Lovely colours and the play of shades and sun attracted me, along with the movement of the churning water.


  1. I like both of these but especially the waterfall/weir - beautiful fresh colours!

  2. These are both lovely, Concetta, but your water really MOVES!

  3. Concetta,
    These are very lovely. Now see I especially love the wooded cliffs. Someday I hope to see these natural areas you paint for us.



  4. its great to share my impressions of nature with you- thank you!

  5. Davvero belli, I adore the way landscape, village and sky are laid on both pages!


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